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Photographs may be purchased in digital or print format, provided that copyright and donor agreements permit reproduction. Photo copies may also be made of some textual material. 

For photo reproductions, please complete the Photograph Order Form below.

For further assistance with researching our collections, please complete the Research Request Form.  

Black & white photo of a couple looking at a ship in the river.


Researchers are welcome to use the information contained in our database for personal research and study. Some images on our site may still be under copyright. Reproducing such images from our site for other uses will require the permission of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum or the copyright holder. Reproduction of any digital content under copyright must be requested by submitting a Photograph Order Form or contacting the Archives at 920-684-0218 x 106. 

Below is the current fee structure for photo reproductions. Museum members receive a 10% discount, applied to the reproduction fee. Please note that licensing photographs for publication will involve additional fees. Ask the Archives staff for more details on usage fees.

Below is the current fee structure for photograph reproductions.  Museum members receive a 10% discount, applied to the reproduction fee.

Photograph Reproduction Prices*

For black & white or color prints.

4 x 6-inch print – $10

5 x 7-inch print – $15

8 x 10-inch print – $20

A discount may be available for bulk orders.

Larger sizes are available by request.

Digital Images

Scan price per image – $30

$10 for each high resolution reference image

A discount may be available for bulk orders.

Orders that go over 10 images will be charged $15/hour in 15 minute increments.

Photographs will be delivered via email or USPS. 

  1. By submitting this form, I agree that this document shall serve as a legally binding purchase order form and one-time use, non-exclusive reproduction agreement. Further permission will be necessary for subsequent use.
  2. The Wisconsin Maritime Museum follows the ethical and professional standards as prescribed by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) and the Council of American Maritime Museums (CAMM). The Wisconsin Maritime Museum retains the right, in its sole discretion and at any time including post-production, to prohibit users from using and/or referencing information acquired directly or indirectly from the Museum.
  3. If the duplicated material appears in a printed publication, film, video, electronic or digital media the user agrees to furnish at no cost to the museum at least two copies of the final product.
  4. User agrees to provide adequate security to prevent theft, pirating, unauthorized exhibit, duplication, or copying of any materials obtained from the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. In the event of any unauthorized reproduction, the user will give prompt notice to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.
  5.  Any unauthorized use by any person or entity, for any reason, will render the user responsible and liable to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum for appropriate compensation and other costs, regardless of whether applicant has profited or is responsible for such unauthorized use.
  6. A credit line, as supplied by the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, must appear in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the section of the work devoted to acknowledgements. Abbreviations are not allowed. The credit line that must be used is the following: [Accession Number] Wisconsin Maritime Museum Collection.
  7. The museum makes no warranties or representations and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any claims against applicants by an artist, copyright holder, their agent, estate, or any other party in connection with the duplication of collection items. The user agrees to indemnify the Wisconsin Maritime Museum its employees, representatives, officers, and trustees and hold it harmless against any and all such claims, including copyright infringement claims, royalty or fee demands and/or actions, including the costs thereof, arising as a result of the user’s duplication of the work.
  8. User shall obtain all necessary consents and waivers and/or make all payments that may be due to any person, firm or corporation arising from the use of items.
  9. Payment of all duplication work must be made in advance. Rates determined by the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and subject to change.

By submitting the form below, I the purchaser hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read, fully understand and absolutely agree to all conditions as outlined above, and that this document shall serve as a legally binding purchase order and one-time, non-exclusive photographic reproduction agreement. 

If you have any questions about the above terms or form, please call 920-684-0218 x112 or email

Photograph Order Form

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum offers copies of historic photographs for a small fee.

Images Requested(Required)
Accession #
Price: $10.00
Digital high res reference ($10 per image)
Price: $30.00
Digital high res new scan ($30 per scan)
Price: $10.00
$10 per image
Price: $15.00
$15 per image
Price: $20.00
$20 per image

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