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The Wisconsin Maritime Museum welcomes scholars, boat builders and ship modelers, students, and the general public to access our significant collection of blueprints, drawings, photographs, and other reference materials

Home to over 85,000 historic artifacts, photographs, works of art, and documents, the Museum preserves the maritime history of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region from the initial settlement of American Indians to today. Through our collection, we document the lives and stories of all who called the Great Lakes home.

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum also acts as an official repository for retrieved submerged cultural resources like shipwreck artifacts.


The Museum collects historical items that tell the story of Wisconsin and Great Lakes maritime history.

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Search through thousands of online records or browse our extensive catalog of photographs and historic images.

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Scope of Collections

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum collects shipwreck artifacts, historic vessels, photographs, archival materials, blueprints, artwork, and material culture related to the maritime history of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region, including Wisconsin’s World War II submarines and personal effects related to maritime life and work.


Check out The Anchor, the Museum’s quarterly publication of Wisconsin’s Maritime History.

Adopt- an – Artifact

Time and the elements take their toll on artifacts. One of the most enduring ways you can support the Museum is through our Adopt-an-Artifact program. Help preserve our maritime heritage. 

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