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A top tier Smithsonian affiliated maritime museum. Flagship exhibit is the USS Cobia, the most fully and accurately restored World War II submarine in the world. Guided tours are excellent. If you can get a behind the scenes tour (nooks and crannies), do so. Totally worth the price of admission. Very nice museum store, which can be accessed without a fee. Highly recommend.

What Our Guests Have to Say

Had a great time visiting with family and friends. The USS Cobia tour was fantastic! Loved hearing stories from people who actually served on subs. Very educational, my kids loved it! I recommend visiting!

What Our Guests Have To Say

We took our 8yr old grandson on this tour! He absolutely love it! The submarine was the highlight of his visit. He also really enjoyed the interactive water ways display inside. He played with the boats and plumbing pieces for almost an hour. Very cool! Him and his dad plan on doing the summer over nighter!

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