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The Wisconsin Maritime Museum connects all people with Wisconsin’s waterways, by engaging and educating the public about the Great Lakes, Wisconsin’s maritime history, Wisconsin’s World War II submarines and USS Cobia. 

Dive in to Maritime History!

All people are connected by the waters surrounding us. Between the mighty Mississippi River and the Great Lakes bordering our state, a network of creeks, lakes and rivers traverse Wisconsin, linking our individual stories to create a larger epic that resonates with all of us. The Wisconsin Maritime Museum invites all people to create personal and meaningful connections with our waterways through engaging programs, interactive exhibits and a world-class collection.

History of the Museum

Founded in 1969 as the Manitowoc Submarine Memorial Association, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum has grown into one of the largest maritime museums in the region. In addition to commemorating the maritime heritage of the Manitowoc-Two Rivers area and the submarines built here during World War II, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum is now a leader in preserving the maritime history of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region.

With over 60,000 square feet of space, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum explores the rich maritime history of Wisconsin through exciting and interactive exhibits. A unique collection of model ships and boats, an operating steam engine, displays of historic vessels and marine engines, and the Wisconsin Waterways and Little Lakefarers’ Rooms – special places for children of all ages to learn and play.

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About Us