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We are committed to our mission of connecting all people to Wisconsin’s waterways. The Education Department is thrilled to provide lesson plans, activities, resources, and videos to continue engaging with visitors outside of the museum.


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Lesson Plans & Activities

Lake Whitefish Dissection Worksheet

Designed to accompany the fish dissection video (in the Video Resource Library below), this worksheet helps students better understand Lake Whitefish morphology.

This bundle includes the answer key and two worksheets, one with a word bank and one without.  

Hoja de Trabajo: Disección de Corégono del Lago

Diseñada para acompañar el video de disección del pez (en la Biblioteca de recursos de video), esta hoja de trabajo ayuda a los estudiantes a comprender la morfología del corégono del lago.

Este paquete incluye la clave de respuestas y dos hojas de trabajo, una con un banco de palabras y otra sin él.

Digital Scavenger Hunt

Learn how to complete historic research using our online collection. Meant for middle school students, this worksheet walks students through the basics of using a database for research. 

This activity pairs well with Searching for Captain Blaney in the Video Resource Library below.

This bundle includes two worksheets. One is a how-to for historical research and the other is a scavenger hunt through the online collection. 

Galley Math: Cooking on a Submarine

Presented with a real World War II submarine recipe meant to feed 100 hungry submariners, students are asked to figure out how much of each ingredient they would need to feed their family. 

This bundle includes the worksheet, a measurement conversion chart and an authentic recipe for Navy Bean Soup courtesy of Naval History & Heritage Command. 

Create-Your-Own Maritime Alphabet

Students are encouraged to read the Museum’s Maritime Alphabet (under Online Resources below) and then create their own. 

This bundle includes a black and white printable alphabet template. 

Selfie Scavenger Hunt: Manitowoc/Two Rivers

Set sail on an adventure in your own community. This scavenger hunt takes you to eight different locations and landmarks in Manitowoc and Two Rivers. Each made an impact on Wisconsin’s maritime landscape. 

Take a silly selfie at each one and tag the museum if you post the pics! 

WWII Rationed Meal Plan

Learn about food rationing during World War II. Then build your own meal plan based on available food. 

Water Pressure Worksheet

Watch our Water Pressure demo video and then complete this worksheet.

Online Resources 

Maritime Alphabet

Using photographs from the Museum’s collection and archive, the Maritime Alphabet introduces maritime heritage to readers, one letter at a time. 

There is a customizable Maritime Alphabet under the Lesson Plans & Activities section of this page. 


Searching for Captain Blaney

These are downloadable slides for the short film Searching for Captain Blaney. The film can be found in the Video Resource Library below.


Video Resource Library

Lake Whitefish Dissection

Dr. Titus Seilheimer, Fisheries Specialist at Wisconsin Sea Grant, leads a fish dissection where you can learn about the anatomy and morphology of lake whitefish. This video has closed captions. 

Disección de Corégono del Lago

El Dr. Titus Seilheimer, Especialista en Pesca en Wisconsin Sea Grant, dirige una disección de peces donde puede aprender sobre la anatomía y la morfología del corégono de lago.Los subtítulos están en español.

Searching for Captain Blaney

For her whole life, Abbie had heard that there was a Great Lakes ship captain somewhere in the family tree. She started doing some digging into the Museum’s archive. Watch this video to see what she discovered.

Readying a Torpedo Tube

Shane Lee, Youth Engagement Coordinator at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, shows viewers how to ready a World War II torpedo tube on USS Cobia.

Preparando un tubo de torpedo en USS Cobia 

Shane Lee, Coordinadora de Participación Juvenil en el Wisconsin Maritime Museum, muestra a los espectadores cómo preparar un tubo de torpedos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial en el USS Cobia. Este video tiene subtítulos en español.

Divers & Shipwrecks 

Shane Lee, Youth Engagement Coordinator at the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, gives you a glimpse inside the Wisconsin’s Underwater Treasures exhibit. Learn more about diving suits and our state’s shipwrecks in this video.

USS Cobia Kids’ Tour

Check out this tour of our World War II submarine, just for kids. 

Activity: Newspaper Plant Pots

During World War II, people had to get creative in order to reuse every day items. In this video, learn how to make a plant pot out of newspaper. Then plant your own Victory Garden!

Demo: Water Pressure

Is water powerful enough to crush a submarine? Yes! Learn about the water pressure with WMM’s Shane Lee in this short demonstration video.

USS Cobia Tour

Get a look inside the Museum’s World War II submarine, USS Cobia, with Shane Lee. Not included in the virtual tour: the smell of diesel and constant claustrophobia.

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