Corporate Partnership

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is proud to offer an inclusive and accessible space for guests to explore and connect with maritime history. We are thrilled to offer engaging and hands-on programming for both children and adults. In order to make these opportunities happen, however, we need your help.

A corporate partnership with the Wisconsin Maritime Museum can be either in the form of a corporate membership or corporate sponsor of an event or program.

Every year, the museum sees over 40,000 guests. To serve these guests and their families, we depend on corporate partnerships, no matter what the size. Not only does a corporate partnership with the Wisconsin Maritime Museum open our programming and events to our guests but also to your business’s employees and families.

Corporate partnerships offer many benefits which recognize your partnership and allow you to engage with the partnership, while also allowing our guests to appreciate your business’s support.

To find out more about partnering with the Wisconsin Maritime Museum, please visit the links below. If you have any questions about a partnership with the museum, please contact Emily Shedal at (920) 684-0218 x117 or

Also, please consider matching your employees’ charitable contributions to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. It increases employee satisfaction while expanding your business’s impact in the local community.

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