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You inspire us here at the museum every day. Your previous contribution enabled us to preserve, interpret and share the stories of our maritime heritage, reaching over 35,000 visitors last year. Our staff, trustees, volunteers and guests greatly appreciate your past support and hope you will continue to support our efforts with this year’s annual fundraising campaign

It has been a banner year for the museum, both in terms of engagement and sustainability.  Our focus for your donation this coming year impacts our youngest visitors. In 2022, 15,000 children passed through the doors of the museum through family visits, school field trips, and overnight programs. We want to double that in 2023. We can do that with your help underwriting museum education programs so that every classroom that wants to visit the museum can do so without financial barriers. Through your gift, you can directly inspire our next generation of marine biologists, divers, historians and advocates for the preservation of our maritime heritage and the health of the Great Lakes. 

At the museum, our educational offerings not only teach about history, but inspire curiosity about maritime exploration through our popular Underwater Robots and Wisconsin Underwater Treasures programs. They spark creativity through imaginative exhibits such as our new Ebb & Flow maritime inspired community art showcase. They instill community pride through tours and experiences aboard USS Cobia. Your support is crucial to these inspiring programs, exhibits and experiences.

While we approach our role as caretakers of our maritime history with great reverence and determination, we know that connecting and inspiring our community and our young people with that history is what will ensure it endures for years to come. It is easy to lose sight of that larger picture when dealing with the daily challenges of the economy, health, and environment. Nonetheless, a single visit to the museum as a child has the potential to become a lifetime of inspiration, but we urgently need your help. 

Please join us in inspiring our next generation of our waterway caretakers, maritime historians and advocates with your gift to the museum.

Over $24,000 Already Raised!

Thanks to your generosity we are almost half-way to our goal of raising $50,000 to inspire numerous possiblities in 2023.  

Thank you for your support!

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