Museum Accessibility


The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is accessible to people with limited mobility. Two elevators and ramps allow for easier access to all areas of the museum. We also have a limited number of wheelchairs available upon request.

USS Cobia had been designated a National Historic Landmark and is therefore not accessible by wheelchair. USS Cobia has been restored as closely as possible to its original World War II design in order to accurately preserve this important time in United States history. The two mobility hurdles on USS Cobia are the stairs in and out of the sub, but most importantly the 7 watertight doors. There is an example near the front desk of the museum for guests to test out (pictured below-right). We do, however, have a virtual tour monitor and a video of the submarine tour that we would be happy to share with those who are unable to tour the submarine due to limited mobility.

For more information, please call toll free 866-724-2356.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing

The museum now offers tour books for deaf and hard of hearing visitors. Please ask for the book(s) at the front desk when you arrive.


Handicap parking spots are available in the parking lot across the street from the museum. Vehicles may also park in front of the museum to load and unload if it is more convenient. Ramps are available at the main entrance.

If needed, we do have a small selection of wheelchairs and canes/walkers available upon request.


Two gender-neutral restrooms are available in the lower level of the museum.

The restrooms in the submarine tour concourse have baby-changing tables in both the men's and woman's restrooms.