Explore the nation's most completely restored WWII submarine, stroll the streets of a 19th century shipbuilding town, sail a boat down a river, and more!
Hands-On Learning

Registration Open for 2017 Watershed Ambassadors Summer Camp!

Monday, 31 July - Friday, 04 July, 2017!

Space is Limited! For more information, or to register, click here!

2017 ROV Summer Camp Sessions Announced!

Session 1: July 22-23 | Session 2: July 29-30 | Session 3: Aug. 5-6

Space is Limited! For more information, or to register, click here!

Spend a night aboard USS Cobia! Unscramble enemy codes, man your battle stations, learn how to fire a torpedo, and more!

Click here to see what dates are open!

Check out the USS Cobia Virtual Tour for an in-depth look and some behind the scenes photos!

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National Marine Sanctuary

For more than 40 years our national marine sanctuaries have worked to protect places of historic/cultural, ecological, and natural importance in America's ocean and the Great Lakes.

We are pleased to be working with communities along our Wisconsin coast to apply for the establishment of a national marine sanctuary to preserve shipwrecks in our mid-Lake Michigan region. Watch for updates on this effort. To learn more about NOAA and National Marine Sanctuaries, visit sanctuaries.noaa.gov