USS Cobia Submarine Tours

Tour a fully restored WWII submarine from top to bottom and get a feel for life aboard a sub!  See the bunks where men slept above torpedoes, learn why most of the crew showered with their clothes on and hear why submariners were the best fed members of the military.

Tours are conducted seven days a week, weather permitting, throughout the year. Each tour lasts 45 minutes. Please click here for tour times.

Begin your visit to USS Cobia in our new exhibit, USS Cobia: Below the Surface. The interactive exhibits, simulator, and theater will help you learn about  Cobia's six war patrols, the important role that US Navy submarines played in World War II, and how Manitowoc came to build 28 submarines during the war. Take a crew card to learn about the life of a particular crew member and find out where he worked aboard Cobia. Explore more exhibits, look through the periscope of a Manitowoc-built submarine, and see the inner workings of a Mark 14 torpedo in the USS Rasher Concourse before stepping onboard Cobia.

The USS Cobia Overnight Program offers a unique opportunity for groups and individuals to sleep overnight on Cobia and experience first-hand life  aboard a World War II submarine. Details about making a reservation and planning your overnight stay are included in Frequently Asked Questions.

USS COBIA "Nook & Cranny" Tours

A behind-the-scenes look at a WWII submarine!

These smaller tours will last approximately two to three hours and will give guests a chance to see areas of the submarine not seen on normal tours. Please be advised, this special tour will include ladders and smaller spaces and you must be 16 or older to participate. The cost is $15 per person, plus regular admission for non-members. A free bottle of Torpedo Juice (non-alcoholic) is included for a mid-tour break in the Crew's Mess. Space is limited so reservations are required.

Space is limited so reservations are required. For reservations or more information call Mike at 866-724-2356 ext 106.

Click here for dates and times.