1. Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Shipwrecks

A joint project of the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant and the Wisconsin Historical Society. The site allows for exploration of Wisconsin’s shipwrecks through underwater video, historic photographs, archaeological data, interactive activities and information on diving.

2. The Great Lakes Shipwreck File: Total Losses of Great Lakes Ships 1679-1999

Compiled by Dave Swayze. A database of shipwrecks organized alphabetically by ship name.

3. Historical Great Lakes Vessel Accident Database

Searchable by vessel name, accident date, vessel type, accident location and loss. The lists were collected by Brendon Baillod and David Swayze and transcribed by many volunteers.

4. Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society

Includes information about shipwreck preservation, access, ethics and education.

5. Gerald C. Metzler Great Lakes Vessel Database

Extensive vessel database strongest in ships built before 1900. Detailed data useful for identifying wrecks of early ships which predate photography.