Other Repositories with Great Lakes Maritime History Collections

1. Historical Collections of the Great Lakes at Bowling Green State University

Includes searchable databases for vessels, ports and maritime personnel that contain detailed historical information and images.

2. Milwaukee Public Library

Search nearly 10,000 vessel files in the Milwaukee Public Library's Online Catalog.

3. Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Detroit, MI

Managed by the Detroit Historical Society, the maritime collection includes extensive vessel files and thousands of photographs, objects, and ephemera in their digitized online collection.

4. Door County Maritime Museum

Explore the nautical history of Door County, Wisconsin including Cana Island and Gill Rock.

5. National Museum of the Great Lakes, Toledo, OH

Operated by the Great Lakes Historical Society, formerly based in Vermilion, Ohio, as a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Great Lakes history. Most of the archival material held by GLHS can now be found at the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes at BGSU.

6. S.S. City of Milwaukee National Historic Landmark, Manistee, MI

The National Landmark Steamship City of Milwaukee is the last traditional Great Lakes railroad car ferry. The 75 year-old vessel is permanently moored and open to the public in Manistee, Michigan.

7. Chicago Maritime Museum

The Chicago Maritime Museum houses the largest collection of Chicago-area maritime historical artifacts, photos, and documents on the Great Lakes.

8. Wisconsin Marine Historical Society, Milwaukee, WI

The Wisconsin Marine Historical Society is devoted to discovering, collecting, recording and preserving materials related to Great Lakes maritime history. The collection contains online databases, a vast store of printed material as well as ship models, half hulls, house flags from shipping lines, ships artifacts, and nautical art.

9. Lake Superior Maritime Collections at the Jim Dan Hill Library, University of Wisconsin-Superior

Online collection includes vessel data, shipping statistics, log books, charts, maps, ship record books and much more.

10. Wisconsin Historical Society

The Wisconsin Historical Society collects and disseminates knowledge of Wisconsin and of the trans-Allegheny West. Come and see how the Society brings history to life. See also Wisconsin Shipwrecks
for shipwreck and underwater archaeology information.

11. Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Alpena, MI

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary was established to protect a nationally significant collection of over 100 shipwrecks, spanning over a century of Great Lakes shipping history.

12. Port of Ludington Maritime Museum, Ludington, MI

Opened in 2017, the museum focuses on the Port of Ludington in Lake Michigan history, especially the role of carferries.