Ms 52 James H. Van Haveren Collection

SCOPE & CONTENT: Ms 52 James H. Van Haveren Collection
Papers and memorabilia collected by James H. Van Haveren during his approximately 40 years working on Great Lakes commercial bulk carrier freighters. Collection includes substantial object and photographic collections in addition to archival materials.

  • Ms 52.1 Ship’s articles
    • Ms 52.1-1 A.M. Byers captain’s logs, May to November 1933
    • Ms 52.1-2 A.M. Byers engineer’s logs, 1933
  • Ms 52.1-3 William K. Field captain’s logs, May to November 1933
    • Ms 52.1-4 William K. Field engineer’s logs, 1933
    • Ms 52.1-5 Miscellaneous blank ship’s articles forms, Erie Sand Steamship Company and Cement Transit Company
  • Ms 52.2 M/V Loc Bay of the Erie Sand Steamship Company, including declarations, manifest, earnings statement, requisition forms. Circa 1976-1979.
  • Ms 52.3 M/V Atlas Traveler load line certificate and load line inspection report, 1973-1974.
  • Ms 52.4 National Marine Service documents
  • Ms 52.5 U.S. Coast Guard, Certificate of Discharge to Merchant Seaman and Record of Entry forms (blank).
  • Ms 52.6 Bulk carrier rates, 1929-1940. Includes rock rates, stone rates, coal rates (per ton).
  • Ms 52.7 Vessel scheduling, 1939. Includes correspondence between Cleveland and Sturgeon Bay.
  • Ms 52.8 International Ship Masters’ Association Roster, 1999.
  • Ms 52.9 American Steamship Company menus
  • Ms 52.10 Business cards