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While visiting the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and touring USS Cobia, Girl Scouts have the opportunity to cover some requirements for several badges. Most of these requirements are not covered by a specific program, but can be completed by your own group during your visit. (Badges not included)

Brownies: Celebrating Community Badge

Brownies can work on their Celebrating Community Legacy badge just by touring USS CobiaUSS Cobia was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1986 as a memorial to the men and women who built the 28 submarines in Manitowoc during World War II as well as the brave men who served aboard them. (Patch not included)

Step 4: #2: Tour a landmark that honors the past. 

Visit a historic landmark, such as the place where a leader was born or an old battleground. Or visit a historical society or museum. Collect three facts you didn’t know about the place, and share them with your family.

Brownies: Wonders of Water Journey

Brownies can earn the Love Water Award, the first badge in the Wonders of Water Journey! This program is now available upon request and includes a 60-min program, a short submarine tour, and free time in the museum galleries and waterways room. Plan at least two hours for your visit.

Since this program is staff-led, there is an additional cost of $20/troop. 

Juniors Geocacher Badge

Our Geocaching kit includes five GPS units, instruction manuals, and information to find local caches. You can explore any of the ten maritime history caches that have been left in Manitowoc and Two Rivers and see special places in local maritime history while you search.

To fulfill this requirement, you will need to set up a free user account with Ask your parent for permission and help before you do so.

Cadette Night Owl Badge

Cadettes can earn their Night Owl Badge while participating in the Overnight Program! Gaze at the stars from the deck of the sub, explore the galleries by flashlight and interview the staff. Contact the Overnight Coordinator for more information.

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