USS Cobia Wish List

Supplies and Equipment

  • 3’x5′ Flags—United States, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom
  • 48 Star Jack
  • 48 Star Ensign
  • LED Pocket Flashlights with Batteries
  • Paint Brushes/Rollers


Deck and Conning Tower Exterior
  • 40mm Gun Sights
  • Running Light Inner and Outer Glass Globes (port, starboard, bow, stern, and masthead)
  • Decommissioned .50 Caliber Machine Guns (5) or Authentic Replicas
  • Decommissioned 4-inch or 5-inch Naval Gun
Forward Torpedo Room
  • Assorted Torpedo Tube Loading Apparatus
Officer’s Country

  • Photographs of the WWII Cobia crew, their contemporary families and sweethearts, uniforms, and personal possessions that were on war patrol, etc.
  • New Glass for Ward Room Light
Control Room/Conning Tower Interior
  • Rig-for-Red Globes (5)
  • Red Plexiglass for Port/Starboard Projectors
  • Hull Induction Board Lights/Color Light Shades
  • 1 MC Reproducers (speakers)
Spare Equipment/Parts/Vacuum Tubes for the following
  • Transmitters#151;Models TBL-12 Type CAY-52248 and TCS-8
  • Receivers—Models RAL-6, RAK-7, RBS-2, TCS-8, DAS-3, APR-1, RBO
Galley and Mess
  • Ice Cream Maker
  • Pots and Pans
  • Attachments for Hobart Food Processor
  • Silverware
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Ceramic Coffee Cups, 12-16 ounce without handle
  • Food Containers/Boxes/Cans, fake food
Crew’s Quarters, Showers, and Heads

  • Toilet Seat
  • Small Roller-Type Washing Machine (General Electric Supply Corp.)
  • Supplies/Equipment for Pharmacist Mate’s Locker
  • Mirror Above Crew’s Wash Basin (polished stainless steel with shelf screwed into bottom. 15″ wide x 21″ high)
  • Brass Faucets for Sinks (4)
Engine Rooms/Mechanical

  • Fuel Pump Serial #3233981
  • Armored Electrical Cable
  • 12″ Search Light w/ Bulbs (1000 watt) and Shutters
  • Compartment Electrical Switch Boards (4-6)
  • Light Switches (15-20)
  • Spare Knobs for Electrical Switchboards
  • Vaccum Tubes


Aft Torpedo Room

  • Emergency Rations (also for Aft Engine Room)
  • Sound-powered Phone Handsets
  • Battle Lanterns

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