Manitowoc 28

USS Redfin (SS 272)

Keel Laid – September 3, 1942

Launched – April 4, 1943

Commissioned – August 31, 1943

USS Redfin made seven war patrols earning six Battle Stars and the Navy Occupation Service Medal, Asia. She sank six ships for a total of 23,724 tons. On Redfin’s second patrol she made a submerged attack on a large destroyer. Four torpedoes were fired to score three hits. The destoyer’s magazine exploded and she sank by the stern in a mass of flames. A few days later, Redfinmade two surface attacks on a convoy of five ships and three escorts. She scored seven hits, sinking four ships and escaping with a mild depth charging.

Redfin was decommissioned and placed in the US Atlantic Fleet in 1947. Recommissioned in 1953 as SSR 272, Redfin served in the US Atlantic Fleet before being removed from the Naval Register in 1971.

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