Manitowoc 28

USS Raton (SS 270)

Keel Laid – May 29, 1942

Launched – January 24, 1943

Commissioned – July 13, 1943

USS Raton made seven war patrols during World War II. On her most successful patrol Raton maneuvered into the center of a nine ship formation.  Firing all torpedoes from both bow and stern, three ships were sunk and one damaged. After the second attack a destroyer escort was sunk with one torpedo. The third attack left one more ship damaged. From here Raton headed for Schoulten Islands to reload with torpedoes and fuel for a continuation of the patrol. A cruiser was damaged two weeks later and three more ships were sent to the bottom.

In all, Raton sank a total of thirteen ships for a total of 44,176 tons, damaged seven ships for a total of 51,500 tons, and captured 20 Japanese prisoners. In 1952 Raton was converted to a radar picket submarine (SSR) and served on active duty with the Pacific Fleet. In 1960 Raton was re-designated an auxiliary submarine (AGSS) before being stricken from the Naval Register in 1969.

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