Manitowoc 28

USS Kete (SS 369)

On Eternal Patrol

Keel Laid – October 25, 1943

Launched – April 9, 1944

Commissioned – July 31, 1944

USS Kete made two war patrols which earned her the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal and one Battle Star for the Okinawa Operation-Assault and Occupation of Okinawa Gunto March 6 – 16, 1945. She sank three ships for a total of 6,881 tons. Kete was lost in the East China Sea in March of 1945. She departed her station on March 20 and was never heard from again. Speculations on her sinking include an attack by a Japanese submarine, an operational malfunction, or a mine explosion.

USS KETE Crew On Eternal Patrol

EM1 Abts, Leroy Albert

LCDR Ackerman, Edward

LTJG Adams, John Clausel Jr.

FC3 Apking, John David

MMM3 Bergadine, Donald Lee

S1 Blodgett, Leonard Eugene

CMOMM  Braniger, Fracis William

QM2 Brooks, Carl.

LTJG Burnside, William Henry, Jr.

F1 Callahan, Perry Charles

EM3 Cobrin, Bernard

RM3 Cole, Hugh Mack

EM2 Cooper, Edward

RM2 Crowley, Robert William

LTJG  Crutchfield, Charles Randolph Jr.   

C3 Dawson, William Howard

F1 Deininger, Frederick Robert

Y1 Derrah, Harold William

CCS Dietrich, Helmut Otto

SM1  Dortche, Calvin Frederick

LT Drake, Donald Lincoln

TM3 Dul, Willis

S1 Efferson, Manuel Lawrence

S1 Egen, Donald Paul

LTJG Fenton, Douglas Grant

CMOMM French, Hugh

CMOMM Friesen, Ben

MOMM3 Fuller, Robert Stephan

S1 Glynn, John Francis Jr.

S1 Griswold, Fred Joseph

RT1 Gunzinger, Joseph Henry

EM3 Gwinn, Elmer Ellsworth Jr.

ENS Haag, Bernard Henry

S1 Hart, Robert Arthur

MOMM3 Hartbank, Glenn Edwin

TM1 Hayden, Paul O’Brien

COX Henderson, Earl

TM2 Hines, James Lowell

CTM Holshouser, James Russell

RM3 Hooper, Stanton Lee

EM2 Katz, Abraham Joseph

EM3 Kelly, Norbert William

TM3 Kensler, Elmer Neil

RM3 Kotelman, Walter Ernest

EM2 Kraut, Richard Paul

MOMM3 Lasiter, Jack Lee

GM3 Litzenberger, Frank Jr.

BKR1 Logsdon, Earl

MOMM2 Lowery, Billie Barton

MOMM2 Lynn, Charles Wesley Jr.

S1 Malko, Glenn Raymond

F1 Marsico, Anthony Thomas

CSM Martini, Frank

MOMM2 McLendon, Bernard Eugene

S1 Messenger, Grant Richard

SC2 Moccabee, Samuel Arnold

S1 Moore, Charleton L.

MOMM1 Morrison, Henry Fredrick

MOMM1 Newton, Archie Vernon

CBMA O’Brien, Joseph Albert

EM3 O’Connor, Mark Angello

MOMM1 Page, George Thomas

S1 Peterson, Clair Junior

MOMM3 Piper, Irving Victor

MOMM2 Price, Glenn Owen

QM3 Pushee, Donald Calvin

S1 Racer, Robert Russell

LT Reimers, Frederick Fay

GM1 Richards, Francis Albert

QM3 Schemm, George Joseph

MOMM2 Schenavar, Maxium Daniels

EM1 Schumacher, Paul Francis

CPHMA Simpson, Oliver Harry

EM2 Snyder, James Irwin

LT Spikes, Russell Henry

MOMM1 Starr, Jacob Granville Jr.

CRM Thomas, French Lee Jr.

S1 Thompson, Gordon Ray

GM3 Thorn, Keith

TM2 VanDam, Peter Charles

F1 Villalba, Salomon Hernandez

CEM Waggoner, James Stanley

TM2 Wallick, Russel Andrew

TM2 Walling, Floyd Stewart

LT Westphall, Joseph Allen

TM1 Wilson, Gordon Weaver

RT2 Woodward, Galen Irvin

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