Great Lakes Maritime History

1. Association for Great Lakes Maritime History

The Association for Great Lakes Maritime History is an international organization of museums, historical societies, libraries, archives, and individuals interested in preserving Great Lakes maritime history. The AGLMH holds an annual meeting and encourages research and the dissemination and exchange of information among members. 

2. Gerald C. Metzler Great Lakes Vessel Database

Searchable database of Great Lakes vessels from the 18th and 19th centuries, digitized from the exhaustive research collection of Gerald C. Metzler. The database is hosted by the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and continues to grow.  

3. Alpena County Public Library Great Lakes Maritime Collection

Searchable vessel database with historical photographs incorporating the maritime history collections of C. Patrick Labadie, Kenneth Thro, and Leonard J. Barr II. M

4. Historical Collections of the Great Lakes at Bowling Green State University

Includes searchable databases for vessels, ports and maritime personnel that contain detailed historical information and images. Strongest for later 19th and 20th century vessels.

5. Wisconsin Shipwrecks

Collaborative project between Wisconsin Sea Grant and the Wisconsin Historical Society which provides a searchable listing of Wisconsin shipwrecks with detailed histories and historic and modern photographs of the wrecks. Also information on diving in the Great Lakes.

6. Maritime History of the Great Lakes

Massive database includes historical documents, newspaper transcriptions, ship lists, shipwreck info, articles, an image database and more.

7. Carferries of the Great Lakes

Includes information on various car ferry fleets and historic photographs.

8. Milwaukee Public Library Catalog

Search nearly 10,000 vessel files in the Milwaukee Public Library's Online Catalog.

9. Lake Superior Maritime Collection

The Jim Dan Hill Library at University of Wisconsin-Superior has over 7,000 ship files and large collections of blueprints like the Fraser Shipyard Collection.

10. Great Lakes Maritime History Project

A searchable digital collection featuring materials from the collections of Milwaukee Public Library/Wisconsin Marine Historical Society, Wisconsin Historical Society, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, University of Wisconsin – Superior, and the Door County Maritime Museum.

11. Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping

Fully searchable site that includes vessel information on current Great Lakes ships, many photographs, and current vessel location tracking.