Project Dry Dock 2025

USS Cobia, a National Historic Landmark Vessel, is a place of honor where Memorial Day is observed every day.  Our submarine is an irreplaceable shrine where we remember what it means to defend our nation.

Part of our obligation to our veterans is to preserve national treasures like USS Cobia so that future generations will always have the opportunity to acknowledge the debt we owe the fallen—and not just on one day in the year.

But, maintaining Cobia in a state of honor is no small or inexpensive undertaking. Historic preservation and restoration is a never-ending job for any historic site, but it is especially important for historic vessels in water. Time and the elements are not kind to ships, and USS Cobia is no exception. It takes more than $150,000 every year to keep Cobia “ship-shape” and ready for visitors.  That’s why we’re asking you for your help in maintaining Cobia in a condition that honors those who built submarines and served on them.


National Register of Historic Landmarks – 1986

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