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The "Lost Sub" Documentary Project

USS Lagarto was one of 28 submarines built by the Manitowoc Shipbuilding Company during World War II.  Lagarto was on her second war patrol when she sank with 86 seamen aboard.  For 60 years, the sub was lost in the Pacific Ocean, her final resting place unknown.

Lagarto was finally found in 2005 in the Gulf of Thailand, sitting upright in 225 feet of water. Two years later, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum sponsored an expedition led by the History Channel’s “Deep Sea Detectives,” Richie Kohler and John Chatterton, to explore the first missing WWII sub ever found and capture underwater high-definition footage of Lagarto for a documentary.

The documentary includes excerpts of unforgettable interviews with the crew’s surviving family members, as well as first-hand battle experiences recalled by submarine veterans.  Viewers will also experience Kohler and Chatterton’s dive to explore the mystery behind Lagarto’s final battle. Learn what Lagarto’s discovery tells us about men of the sea during wartime and the families they left behind.

Your purchase of “Lost and Found:  The Legacy of USS Lagarto” supports the museum’s ongoing submarine education programs.

Explore a Sunken Submarine

  • Periscope shears
    Periscope shears
  • Hatch
  • Periscope shears
    Periscope shears
  • Lagarto's bow
    Lagarto's bow
  • Open torpedo tube door
    Open torpedo tube door
  • Periscope and sail
    Periscope and sail
  • Fishing nets and marine growth
    Fishing nets and marine growth
  • Tank vents
    Tank vents
  • Pericsopes
  • Manitowoc stamped on the propeller
    Manitowoc stamped on the propeller
  • 5 inch deck gun
    5 inch deck gun
  • Flag attached July 2005
    Flag attached July 2005
  • Open torpedo tube door
    Open torpedo tube door
  • Target Bearing Transmitter (TBT)
    Target Bearing Transmitter (TBT)
  • Plaque placed by Navy divers
    Plaque placed by Navy divers

Photos Courtesy of Jamie MacLeod and LCDR Andy Baldwin, USN Diver