Submarine Novel for Young Readers

And the Baker's Boy Went to Sea

Written by children's author, Mary Cummings, the book was inspired and aided by accounts of sixteen submarine veterans of WWII, including the author's father, Paul Cummings. While many memoirs are available, few WWII submarine novels have been written, and none until now specifically for young people.

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Owen Pasquerly, barely 15, is supposed to be 17 or more to serve on a submarine in WWII. His friends, Nick and Enrique, get the exciting jobs of lookout and guiding the submarine in a dive. Owen's stuck doing what he did back home: baking bread.

"Where's the glory in that?" he wonders, even as he does as he's told to keep Captain Abbott's suspicions about his age from sending him home.

Then again, maybe Owen will never get home. Maybe the U.S.S. Mako, loaded with torpedoes for hunting Japanese ships, will itself become the hunted.

But there's no "maybe" about it. Owen and his shipmates are in for the battle of their lives. And not everyone will survive.


  • Technical details and actual battles are woven into the fictional narrative.
  • Meticulously accurate, for use as education and entertainment
  • Sidebars provide supplemental information on such things as how a submarine dives and rises, secret wartime codes, torpedoes and depth charging
  • High resolution period black-and-white photos provide a sense of life on a sub
  • The book's (fictional) submarine is "built" right here in Manitowoc!