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Groups will get a behind-the-scenes look at USS Cobia, sound the dive alarm, learn about life on a submarine, and sleep on the World War II-era vessel.

The Overnight Program costs $44 per person for both youth and adults. 

Programming runs from 7:30 PM arrival until about 11:00 PM. Exclusive gallery admission is included for the following day. 


  • For groups that have already booked and need to reschedule: We are allowing small groups of 20 or less to reschedule this fall. 
  • If you have a larger group, you can reschedule anytime in 2021 or later. 
  • New groups can book anytime in 2021 or later, but we must require a minimum of 25 at this time. 
  • We are only allowing one group at a time on the sub and masks are required in the Museum and sub. 

For more information or to reschedule your group, please contact the Overnight Coordinator.

7 Steps to the Cobia Overnight Program

Step 1: Find a Night

Any group can join an available night. Participants must be at least 6 years old and the group must provide chaperones. Once you find a date that works for you, fill out the Reservation Request Form in Step 2. “Boat Full” or “Full Boat” means there are no spots available. 

Note: Unless specified as a Family Overnight (marked as “FON”), it is meant for groups such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups, history clubs, family reunions or other large groups. Family Overnights are geared towards smaller groups or individuals.

Step 2: Request a Date

If you find a date that works for your group, fill out the Request Form and the Overnight Coordinator will confirm the availability of that date. 

Step 3: Confirm Your Reservation - Deposit

Complete the Reply Form within two weeks of confirming your reservation with the Overnight Coordinator. The $200 deposit will hold your group’s spot and will be put towards your final payment. If you can not pay by credit card, you can mail a check after you fill out this form. Please include the group name and reservation date with your check. 

The amount of participants that you reserve with at this point is what you are financially responsible for. If you wish to change this number without being penalized, you must confirm, in writing, any attendance changes with the Overnight Coordinator 45 days before your Overnight. See Step 4 for more details.

Step 4: Confirm Head Count

Your final attendance numbers must be confirmed on this date and submitted in writing. You are financially responsible for the number of attendees booked after the 45-day mark. No refunds are given. This sample roster is available for you to help plan your Overnight. 

Step 5: Make Final Payment

The payment for your remaining balance (-$200 deposit) is due in full 30 days prior to your overnight date. Please be aware, it is your responsibility to have your payment in on time. We will not be responsible for gathering or collecting payments from individuals. If your group is not paid in full 30 days prior to your scheduled overnight, your reservation may be canceled and your deposit lost.

Please click here to pay your remaining balance. If you can not pay by credit card, you can mail a check after you fill out this form. Please include the group name and reservation date with your check. 

Step 6: Arrival

Overnight groups should plan to arrive at the Museum at 7:30 PM. 

Leaders enter the blue USS COBIA CREW PASSAGE door at the base of the right/west ramp near the main doors. Please have Waivers signed by all attending youth and adults and in the order in which they appear on the roster.  Families may sign on the same form. 

The Museum’s Medical Form should be filled out as needed.

Remaining balances must be paid upon arrival.

For any last minute questions on the night-of, the Overnight desk phone is 920-684-0218 x 122. 

Step 7: The Following Morning

The Museum is open to your group the morning following the overnight. Before you explore the Museum and store, all gear must be in your vehicles.

Closing ceremonies are at 8:00 AM and attendance is required of all participants. After that, groups are free to spend as much time in the Museum as desired. 

Please be courteous and respectful in the galleries. Interactive spaces, like the Waterways Room, should be cleaned up after use. 

For breakfast options and other things to do in town, visit our Meals & Extras page!

Necessary Forms

Looking to enhance your overnight visit? Check out Strand Adventures for year-round fun! Activities include: laser tag, rock climbing wall, batting cages, arcade, and a rent-able room for meals.

Overnight groups can save 15% on their Strand visit. Email the Overnight Coordinator for more information:

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