On Eternal Patrol

Keel Laid - January 12, 1944

Launched - May 28, 1944

Commissioned - October 14, 1944

USS Lagarto made two war patrols. She sank the Japanese submarine RO-49 and a cargo vessel on her first patrol.  Lagarto was sunk on her second patrol by the Japanese minelayer Hatsutaka in the Gulf of Thailand. Hatsutaka was also responsible for a depth charging of USS Cobia and was later sunk by USS Hawkbill.

The wreck of Lagarto was discovered on May 15, 2005 and is Wisconsin's state boat. Click here for more information on the discovery of USS Lagarto.

The launching of USS Lagarto


  • CTM Harold Andrews
    CTM Harold Andrews
  • CMoMM Charles Anker
    CMoMM Charles Anker
  • LTJG Frederick L Auchard
    LTJG Frederick L Auchard
  • FI Charles Bjornson
    FI Charles Bjornson
  • Y3c Charles H Breithaupt
    Y3c Charles H Breithaupt
  • RM1c Charles Britain
    RM1c Charles Britain
  • S2c Aaron Brock
    S2c Aaron Brock
  • F1 Richard Byrer
    F1 Richard Byrer
  • RM1 William Carleton
    RM1 William Carleton
  • MoMM3c Lloyd Cathey
    MoMM3c Lloyd Cathey
  • QM3 Sylvester Catozzi
    QM3 Sylvester Catozzi
  • TM2c George E Clouse
    TM2c George E Clouse
  • Pat Cole
    Pat Cole
  • MoMM1c Caldwell T Cook
    MoMM1c Caldwell T Cook
  • TM2 John "Ed" Edward Davis, Jr
    TM2 John "Ed" Edward Davis, Jr
  • RM3c Leslie M Doud
    RM3c Leslie M Doud
  • TM3c Alvin H Enns
    TM3c Alvin H Enns
  • MoMM1c Richard L Fisher
    MoMM1c Richard L Fisher
  • S1c John J Franze
    S1c John J Franze
  • MoMM1c Oakley R Frasch
    MoMM1c Oakley R Frasch
  • James N Gerlach
    James N Gerlach
  • S2c Richard F Grace
    S2c Richard F Grace
  • QM1 William Graves
    QM1 William Graves
  • EM2c Dennis Gray
    EM2c Dennis Gray
  • Richard L Gregorik
    Richard L Gregorik
  • S2 James "Paul" Gregory
    S2 James "Paul" Gregory
  • RM3c Glen E Halstead
    RM3c Glen E Halstead
  • MoMM2c Thomas Hardegree
    MoMM2c Thomas Hardegree
  • MoMM3 George C Harrington
    MoMM3 George C Harrington
  • MoMM 2c Thomas Harrington
    MoMM 2c Thomas Harrington
  • S1c James Harris
    S1c James Harris
  • F1c James C Harrison
    F1c James C Harrison
  • TM3c Walter E Hinken
    TM3c Walter E Hinken
  • EM3c William F Honaker
    EM3c William F Honaker
  • LT Lloyd G Irving
    LT Lloyd G Irving
  • EM1c Jesse Jobe
    EM1c Jesse Jobe
  • Fred Johnson
    Fred Johnson
  • CEMA John R Johnson
    CEMA John R Johnson
  • S1c William H Jordan Jr
    S1c William H Jordan Jr
  • LT Arthur H Keeney Jr
    LT Arthur H Keeney Jr
  • RT1 Phillip M Kimball
    RT1 Phillip M Kimball
  • StM2c Albert Kirtley
    StM2c Albert Kirtley
  • MoMM3c John W Kneidl
    MoMM3c John W Kneidl
  • CDR Franklin D Latta
    CDR Franklin D Latta
  • S1 Noah B Lee
    S1 Noah B Lee
  • Robert J Lewis
    Robert J Lewis
  • Louis J Lynch
    Louis J Lynch
  • SM1 William T Mabin
    SM1 William T Mabin
  • S1c Joy M Marriott Jr
    S1c Joy M Marriott Jr
  • James H McDonald
    James H McDonald
  • Justin M McGee
    Justin M McGee
  • LT William Mendenhall
    LT William Mendenhall
  • F1 Willis L Moore
    F1 Willis L Moore
  • William G Moss
    William G Moss
  • RT2 Lloyd R O'Hara
    RT2 Lloyd R O'Hara
  • S1c Howard E Ortega
    S1c Howard E Ortega
  • S1c Dick M Paper
    S1c Dick M Paper
  • LTJG Joseph Pash
    LTJG Joseph Pash
  • S1c Robert R Patterson
    S1c Robert R Patterson
  • Robert C Perry
    Robert C Perry
  • Tm3c John W Peterson
    Tm3c John W Peterson
  • S1c Robert F Peterson
    S1c Robert F Peterson
  • LTJG Walter B Phelps
    LTJG Walter B Phelps
  • Harry R Plushnik
    Harry R Plushnik
  • MOMM1c Gerald A Price
    MOMM1c Gerald A Price
  • Morris D Reeves
    Morris D Reeves
  • F1 Ray Reichert
    F1 Ray Reichert
  • BM1 Eugene Robison
    BM1 Eugene Robison
  • John H Root
    John H Root
  • LT Robert T Ruble
    LT Robert T Ruble
  • S1 Walter J Rutledge
    S1 Walter J Rutledge
  • SM2 Wesley C Schackelford
    SM2 Wesley C Schackelford
  • LT Walter R Shaw*
    LT Walter R Shaw*
    Killed in a jeep accident in Saipan during first patrol
  • TM2c Ralph E Simmerman
    TM2c Ralph E Simmerman
  • CPhM Robert B Spalding
    CPhM Robert B Spalding
  • GM2 John E Stehn
    GM2 John E Stehn
  • EM2 Donald G Stiegler
    EM2 Donald G Stiegler
  • EM3c Ulysses M St John
    EM3c Ulysses M St John
  • MoMM3c Floyd Tait
    MoMM3c Floyd Tait
  • LTJG Harold Todd
    LTJG Harold Todd
  • CGM Frank D Turner
    CGM Frank D Turner
  • Arthur M Wade
    Arthur M Wade
  • Willliam C Warnick
    Willliam C Warnick
  • MoMM2 Max M Wicklander
    MoMM2 Max M Wicklander
  • S1c John L Williams
    S1c John L Williams
  • Lagarto crew on deck
    Lagarto crew on deck
  • Lagarto torpedo crew
    Lagarto torpedo crew

USS LAGARTO Crew on Eternal Patrol

CTM Andrews, Harold Doyle

CMOMM Anker, Charles

LTJG Auchard, Frederick Lester

F1 Bjornson, Charles Herman

Y2 Breithaupt, Jr., Charles Woodson

CRMA Britain, Wardour LaVerne

S2 Brock, Aaron Busy

F1 Byrer, Clark Richard

RM1 Carleton, William Ernest

MOMM3 Cathey, Lloyd Fry

QM3 Catozzi, Sylvester Gilbert

TM2 Clouse, George Edward

MOMM1 Cook, Caldwell Thomas

TM2 Davis, Jr., John Edward

RM2 Doud, Leslie Montsell  

TM3 Enns, Alvin Henry

MOMM1 Fisher, Richard Louis

S1 Franze, John Joseph

MOMM1 Frasch, Oakley Ray

F1 Gerlach, James Northup

F2 Grace, Richard Fox

QM1 Graves, William

EM2 Gray, Dennis Jerome

STM2 Green, Robert

EM1 Gregorik, Richard Lewis

S2 Gregory, James Paul

RM3 Halstead, Glen Eugene

MOMM1 Hardegree, Thomas

MOMM3 Harrington, George Clark

MOMM2 Harrington, Thomas James

S1 Harris, James Bailey

MOMM3 Harrison, James Carlton

TM3 Hinken, Walter Earl

EM3 Honaker, William Franklin

LT Irving, Lloyd Gordon

S1 Jefferson, Hezekiah

CEMA Jobe, Jesse

S1 Johnson, Fred

CEMA  Johnson, John Richard

S1 Jordan Jr., William Harrison

LT Keeney, Jr., Arthur Hammond

RT1 Kimball, Philip McNeil

STM1 Kirtley, Albert

MOMM3 Kneidl, John William

CDR Latta, Franklin, De Vere

S1 Lee, Jr., Noah Blackmon

F1 Lee, Russell Willie

MOMM2 Lewis, Robert Julian

F1 Lynch, Louis Jerome

SM1 Mabin, William Tucker

S1 Marriott, Jr., Joy McDowell

SC2 McDonald, James Henry

TM2 McGee, Justin Michael

LT Mendenhall, William Hanna

F1 Moore, Willis Leroy

S1 Moss, William Gene

RT2 O'Hara, Lloyd Raymond

F1 Ortega, Howard Estelano

S1 Paper, Dick Milton

LTJG Pash, Joseph Stanley

RM3 Patterson, Robert Ransom

TM3 Peterson, John William

QM3 Peterson, Robert Frederick

EM3 Perry, Robert Calvin

LTJG Phelps, Walter Ben

F1 Plushnik, Harry Robert

CMOMM Price, Gerald Allen

EM2 Reeves, Morris Davis

F1 Reichert, Raymond Edward

BM1 Robison, Eugene Thomas

MOMM Root, John Harvey

LT Ruble, Robert Theodore

S1 Rutledge, Walter Jackson 

SM2 Shackelford, Wesley Clay

TM2 Simmerman, Ralph Eugene

CPHMA Spalding, Robert Bruce

GM2 Stehn, John Edward

EM2 Stiegler, Donald George

EM3 St. John, Jr., Ulysses McKinley

MOMM2 Tait, Floyd

LTJG Todd, Jr., Harold Arthur

CGM Turner, Frank Dean

S1 Wade, Arthur Menchel

S1 Warnick, William Clenton

MOMM2 Wicklander, Max Merrell

S1 Williams, John Leslie