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Pier 75, our museum store, is stocked with special maritime gifts and souvenirs to make your visit memorable. You'll want to browse, enjoy the wide variety of unique merchandise...perhaps choose a gift for those who couldn't come with you. Select adult or children's clothing items or maybe Great Lakes Maritime books and DVD's. Wisconsin Maritime Museum Members receive a 10% discount at Pier 75!

Winner of 3 Emmy Awards, Including Best Documentary of Historical Significance

Join Commander Frank Latta and his crew from Lagarto's construction and commissioning in Manitowoc, WI, to the final encounter with the Japanese minelayer Hatsutaka. Embark on an expedition of discovery as divers search a remote area of the Gulf of Thailand for Lagarto's final resting place. Hear the personal stories of CDR Latta and his crew-and the brave families, parents, wives, sons and daughters they left behind.

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