School Programs

Quality Educational Programs

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum offers a wide variety of quality educational programs for children and schools that are designed by licensed educators, meet state educational standards, and make learning fun!

Our education staff will work with your group to schedule a museum experience that can include one of our 45-minute educational programs, a tour of the submarine USS Cobia, and guided tours of the museum. We can also suggest pre- and post-visit activities that will enhance the educational value of your visit. View details for your grade level by clicking on it in the list in the left hand column.


  • Students grades K-college: $6
  • Pre-School students: $3
  • Teachers/Aides: Free
  • Chaperones: $7
  • Manitowoc and Two Rivers schools:  please ask about our local school discount.

If you prefer, many of the educational programs can be brought to your classroom. Each of the programs is geared towards specific grade levels, although some are flexible enough for multi-grade groups.

We welcome home school groups, too! We're happy to accommodate multi-age groups and can tailor your visit to fit the needs of your group. Your fee structure is as follows:

  • Children ages 3 and under: Free
  • Children ages 4-5:  $3
  • Youth ages 6-college: $6
  • Head family teacher: Free
  • Additional non-teacher adults: $7

For more information about our educational programs please contact Abbie Diaz at 684-0218 ext 115) or

Wisconsin State Learning Standards

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum's education programs meet Wisconsin State Learning Standards. A pre-visit PDF is available for each program and includes the state standards covered as well as pre-visit classroom activity suggestions. Email Abbie Diaz for more information.

More information regarding learning standards can be found below: