Group Parent's Page

Basic Overnight Information

The Overnight Program fee is $44 per person for both youth and adults (no discounts apply).

The programing runs from 7:30 PM arrival (plus a little time get everyone in the door) to about 11 PM (depending upon group size and interest level).

After spending the night on the submarine, participants clean up their area and are allowed into the Museum's Galleries and Store at 8 AM (your gear must be clear of the Museum and submarine first) and can stay until close. Gallery admission is only included for the following day, not the day of arrival. See the Overnight Timeline for more details.

Preparation for an Overnight

To help plan ahead for the Overnight, first think of the season for weather appropriate clothing. Cobia is heated and air conditioned, however, it is not perfect (temperatures inside the submarine might vary from 40°F in mid-winter to 80°F in mid-summer, but usually around 50°-70°F). Also, some activities as well as the tour will have outdoor components, as well as late night "head calls" (bathrooms are in the Museum while Cobia is docked next to the Museum).

Aside from season appropriate clothing, and a change of clothes if needed, participants will need:

  • Sleeping bag and pillow (as seen on the right, sleeping areas usually consist of triple level bunks with just enough space for a sleeping bag and pillow, sleep mat as shown is provided, this is how your grandfathers slept while serving in the Navy, so it is all part of the experience)
  • Flashlight (Cobia will always have some light, but at night they are dimmed)
  • Personal toiletries
  • For your safety, full shoes are strongly recommended, Cobia is 1526 tons of steel, your toes are not.
  • Snacks if desired (the WMM does not provide any food, and food consumption is restricted to the Museum and only at certain times, the Overnight Guides will let you know when and where)
  • Waiver signed by youth and parent, all ATTENDING parents must also sign a Waiver form
  • Medical Forms are also needed if a participant has a situation the the staff will need to plan for.

For further questions check out our FAQ and Planning Ahead documents.

The Museum does not give out individual refunds to people who do not show up. The Museum takes one group payment from your group leader. Should you need to back out, that is up to you and your group leader since they are accountable for you.

During the Overnight

Check out the Timeline of the Overnight to understand how long the event will run through the evening. Times change due to group size and interest, the more you want to do, the longer we will run our program.

Attending adults please note: As a chaperone for your group, you are responsible for the discipline for your group. Please read the Rules of Conduct so you know them. The Guides on Cobia are here to give you the experience.