Group Leader's Page

Please check this website or with Mike ( every few months if you have a reservation in case of updates. Familiarize yourself with at least the basics and set aside at least a half hour to an hour to understand the information on this site during the early reservation process. Feel free to contact Mike with any questions or changes. More communication now leads to less confusion later!

For how to reserve an Overnight, scroll to below the two photos.

Basic Overnight Information

The Overnight Program fee is $44 per person for both youth and adults (no discounts apply). Your paperwork must be in and confirmed (see below for instructions). Any reservations within a few weeks of the Overnight may not be able to be accommodated, depending on how much of an addition it will be, confirm with the Overnight Coordinator.

The programming runs from 7:30 PM (arrival info below) until about 11 PM (depending upon group size and interest level).

After spending the night on the submarine, participants clean up their area and are allowed into the Museum's Galleries and Store at 8 AM and can stay until close. Gallery admission is only included for the following day, not the day of arrival. See the Overnight Timeline for more details. The same rules that apply during the Overnight, also apply during the following day.

Group Overnight Pre-Visit Information

Please check out some of our Overnight preparation documents. You must have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Check out the Parent's Page and send the parents in you group a link to this page as your Overnight gets closer.

For a brief description of the overnight, check out the main Overnight page.

7 Steps to Reserving a Group Overnight

Step 1: Right now

Review our real-time Overnight Availability Calender and discuss with your group what night would work best. Please have a main date and a secondary date ready just in case along with your estimated number of participants..

Step 2: Registration

Contact Mike Johnson at or (920)684-0218 x 106 or toll-free at 1-866-724-2356 x 106 to confirm your date and reserve it for you. Mike will need a list of information to do this:

1. Group Name and city your group is based out of

2. Number of participants and age range of youth

3. Your contact information (Phone number, mailing address, and e-mail address)

PLEASE be respectful of the other people that would like to enjoy our Overnight program. Do not reserve for 65 or so people a year in advance, and then with only a month to go, change your reservation to 15 or so people. Not only does this disrupt the planning by the Museum, it also prevents other groups from sharing this experience.

Step 3: Less then two weeks after Step 2

Fill out the Reply Form and send it to Mike with the $200 deposit (check preferred, credit card allowed) within two weeks after making your reservation for the night. This deposit will be put towards you final payment. (Click here for a Microsoft Word fillable version of the Reply Form) If the Reply Form and deposit are not received within the two weeks, the Museum may reopen the night for a different group! The amount of participants that you register with at this point is what you are financially responsible for. If you wish to change this number without being penalized, you must confirm with Mike any attendance changes before 45 days before your Overnight, in writing as seen in Step 4.

Step 4: 45 days before your Overnight Experience:

You MUST have your final count in by this date. The attendance count the Museum has on paper for your reservation is what your group is financially responsible for. If you are unsure what your count is at, please check with Mike to ensure you have the proper count. If you arrive with less than this count, you must still pay for the full group. There are no refunds. All groups must submit the Museum's Letter of Acknowledgement confirming your date, count, that you have shared all information about the overnight to your group, and that your chaperons accept responsibility of all youth on the overnight. The Letter of Acknowledgement is the written confirmation of attendance. You can add spots after this if spaces remain, and name swap, this due date is only to set the minimum count, however, extra spots are not guaranteed.

To help prevent paying for unfilled spots, try starting a preliminary roster. Trying this sample roster would be a good start if you do not have a roster started already.

All groups also need to have proof of, or obtain a Certificate of Liability Insurance. For scouting groups, a Certificate of Liability Insurance may be provided by your council with coverage for Commercial General Liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence. Some councils give full or partial coverage to their groups, check with Mike to see if your Council already has insurance on file with us to save you some work. Please send or email a copy to the Museum and keep a hard copy with you. (The Liability Certificate is typically a 1 page document that looks more like a spreadsheet, not the health coverage that is a multipage document with descriptions)

Step 5: Two weeks before your arrival:

Please have a typed roster emailed to Mike. Make sure the names are spelled correctly for all youth and adults with first and last names, as the roster also doubles as the source of spelling for the Certificates of Completion. If you plan on ordering Dog Tags for the that night, the order form MUST be in two weeks before to ensure that we have them in by that night and you must use the official order form, not just submitting the roster with check marks by the name as there is additional information needed.

Send the link of our Parent's Page to all families so they are prepared to arrive as well. Check with Mike or the Dinner and Breakfast Page for local dinner and breakfast options and ask Mike about coupons

Step 6: Arrival:

Overnight group's are not allowed into the Museum until the Overnight, the included viewing of the Museum galleries is ONLY for the following morning.

Leaders enter the USS COBIA CREWS PASSAGE door at the base of the right/west ramp near the main doors at 7:25 PM. Please have Waivers signed by ALL attending youth AND attending adults, families may sign on the same form (please have the Waivers signed and collected BEFORE you arrive, arranged in order with the Step 5 roster, this will save a LOT of time). The Museum's Medical forms should be filled out for any situations that the Overnight Staff should be made aware of to plan accordingly for the overnight. A check is the best method of payment upon arrival for your remaining balance. Please make sure that the check is filled out to the proper amount, if you are unsure, bring a blank one and check with the staff that night or confirm with Mike (remember: your $200 deposit from Step 3 is applied to your payment and there are no refunds for overfilled checks).

Overnight Tour Desk phone is 920-684-0218 x 122. Guides arrive a short time before your scheduled 7:25 PM arrival to set up for the overnight, so you can reach them there around the time of the Overnight starting if you will be late or have last minute questions.

Step 7: Following Morning

The morning following your Overnight will be when your group can see the galleries and the rest of the Museum and waterways room. Your ticket into the Museum and store is to have all of your gear out of the sub and Museum, and into your vehicles, and required completion of the graduation ceremony. At 8 AM there will be a short graduation ceremony that all youth AND all adults must attend. This will also serve as a reminder to the group that the rules from the overnight still apply to the rest of their visit in the Museum as they turn the group over to the daytime staff. You must attend this before either leaving for breakfast, or before going to the Riverview Room for breakfast if you have reserved that space.

Please be courteous in the galleries, and make sure to clean up after yourselves in the Waterways Room. All parents and youth are responsible for helping to accomplish this, and the group will be responsible for any major cleaning or repair costs.

Necessary Forms

Feel free to e-mail your completed forms to Mike Johnson for your file or fax them: 920-684-0219 (Mike Johnson)

  1. Reply Form (PDF)
  2. Letter of Acknowledgement
  3. Waiver and Release of Liability (PDF)Parent/Guardian and child can be listed on the same waiver.
  4. Medical Information (PDF)This form is only needed if there is a medical condition staff needs to be aware of.

Overnight Extras

Are you a USS Cobia Overnight Program veteran?

Now you can prove it with a personalized dog tag, Cobia blanket, or a collectible embroidered patch!

Please see Overnight Souvenirs for more details.