Terms & Conditions

All rooms are subject to availability, and Wisconsin Maritime Museum retains the right to refuse to rent its facilities for activities or events incompatible with its educational and historic preservation missions.

Conduct or activities by any member, guest or vendor of the Rental Party that endangers the museum’s exhibits, facilities or visitors, or is incompatible with the Museum’s educational or historic preservation missions, will result in the event being immediately cancelled and forfeiture of all rental and event fees and charges.  Museum staff on duty will make the final decision on this issue.

Rental Fees

To hold the space, 50% of the room fee is required as a Deposit as soon as you are ready to confirm. This deposit will be put towards the final amount. There are no refunds of this deposit within 30 days of the event. With the exception of invoiced drinks after the event, the event must be paid for in full 30 days before the event. All cancellations must be in writing.

If services beyond the standard offerings are requested, extra charges may apply, such as having an extra bartender beyond the normal ratio, a minimum $60 charge will be added. See the lower section of the first page of the agreement for the location of these extra fees.

Events are expected to be wrapped up by the pre-agreed upon end time, or midnight, whichever comes first.

No smoking or humidity releasing devices (outside of food service, beverages) are allowed in the museum, or any of the rental spaces. This is to protect the archives and collections of the Museum as smoke and excess humidity changes can damage many items.


The Events on the Balkansky Roof Deck are subject to move into the Horton Riverview Room due to inclement weather. If the renter does not suggest moving the event inside by the morning of the event, (or 4PM the day before if the event starts before noon) the senior maintenance staff is responsible for making the call on if the event will be set up inside or outside. The museum assumes no responsibility for damages, including damage to rental or personal equipment, arising from inclement weather.


All food must be prepared in a licensed facility. This means either a catered event, or all food must be purchased from a store and arrive in their original containers.

For a list of caterers accustomed to the Museum, contact the Rental Coordinator. If you already have one in mind, let the Rental Coordinator know who it will be.

All food must stay within the rental room. No food or beverages are allowed in the galleries, or display areas of the Museum.

The renter and/or caterer is responsible for all dining and serving utensils, table linen, and wait staff.


The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is a fully licensed tavern. That means all alcohol must be served by, and purchased from, a licensed Wisconsin Maritime Museum bartender. The Museum has a fully stocked bar for events that qualify for a bar. Special orders are not allowed, and there is no keg service.

NO CARRY-INS allowed. Any carry-ins will be immediately confiscated and disposed of with no refunds, exchanges, or returns.

All regionally applicable laws applicable to Manitowoc will be adhered to for serving purposes.

SAFE RIDE-The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is a member of the Manitowoc County Tavern League. As a member, we participate in the Safe Ride program. If at the end of the night, anyone needs a cab ride to their residence or hotel, have them talk to a bartender about a free Safe Ride to a residence or hotel within the Manitowoc County limits.

If any tabs are run to be invoiced after the event for a host bar, a 15% gratuity will be added to the bar tab.

Decorations, Flowers, Flames

With restrictions, light decorations can be allowed. The Museum only provides the tables and chairs; everything else (including table linen) is the responsibility of the renter, whether they are purchased by the renter, or provided by the caterer.

No live or cut flowers, trees (any part including sticks, pinecones, leaves, etc.) or plants are allowed.

Glitter and small confetti is not allowed.

Burning candles, including tea lights, is prohibited. The only flames allowed are sternos used for catering purposes.

Glass containers are not permitted on the Roof Deck.  This includes, but is not limited to, dishes, food serving containers, and vases.  Beverages in glass containers must be kept in the concession area and poured into a plastic cup for consumption on the Roof Deck. 

Clean up

The renter is responsible for cleaning up their materials in the same way that the Museum will take care of the items the Museum provided. If you brought it in, you will bring it out with you, aside from anything properly disposed of in the provided waste receptacles.

The senior museum staff member present will make the final decision as to whether or not a space has been sufficiently cleaned.  If museum staff is required to clean at the end of the event, an additional minimum fee of $150 will be assessed.  Cleaning beyond emptying waste receptacles, table wipe-down, or other normal requirements will result in extra charges, e.g., cleaning of stained, soiled carpet.  If such charges are assessed, the museum shall present the rental party with an itemized statement of such charges as a mailed invoice.

A Certificate of Liability Insurance may be required for events. Check with the rentals coordinator if your event will need one.