How To Reserve

Step 1: Finding a date that works

Have your target event date and a back-up date ready along with a basic idea of how many people might be coming and what rooms that you might be interested in. Contact Mike at, or 920-684-0218 x 106 to check upon availability.

To help you get started, here is a form with some of the basic info that I will need from you to initiate the rental.

PDF Initial Reservation Form

MSWord Initial Reservation Form

The 5 important initial details to have ready:

1. Date

2. Times (at least what part of the day)

3. Initial guest count (nearest 20 to start with)

4. Bar or no alcohol

5. Event type/primary table and chair set up style

Step 2: Getting the details worked out

Arrange a time to meet with Mike (Group Sales) to arrange a walk-through of the spaces you are interested in to preview them and see discuss what can be done. During this meeting, a Rental Agreement will be drawn up to give you the initial cost of the rental (some item costs might not be able to be determined at this time such as drinks consumed). This is also the time to get your down payment paid.

This is also a good time to review the Museum's Rental Terms and Conditions.

Check over the amenities offered to see what you might need or if you have any additions that will need to be arranged for.

See here for a Sample Rental Agreement. Notice that price varies by room, attendance, and event type. Typically the only extra costs would be Museum access, bar set up and bar drinks. There may also be extra costs for items outside typical rental needs, such as specialty items rented from another provider, etc.

Step 3: 30 days before the event

Get a confirmation of attendance numbers to Mike to make sure that the appropriate amount of seating and other accommodations are ready. Full initial payment is due, see Mike for the current total.

Step 4: 7 days before the event

Especially for large events, please have an invite list for the Museum to have on hand. This can be a list of those who will for sure be there, all possible, or at least an invite list. This list is meant to help filter who should, or more importantly, who should NOT be with your event. While the Museum can not guaranty who will enter the event, it will help. We can set up a table at the entrance for someone with your event to wait at to check people in. Perhaps a volunteer for business meetings, an usher for weddings, etc.

Step 5: Your event day has arrived

All set-up arrivals can arrive as early as the time you arranged as the beginning of the rental time specified. (although, if there is no one that has confirmed to occupy the space earlier than that, you might be able to arrive earlier, but only with the consent of the Museum) There will be Museum staff on hand to aid you if there are any questions, however, anything that you bring in on your own is your responsibility to arrange to be set-up, taken down, and removed after, the same goes for your caterer. The Museum is only responsible for setting-up, taking down, and cleaning of Museum property, or property rented through the Museum. The end of your paid rental time is considered when the last take-down person leaves, not just when the event is over. If the Museum remains open longer than the initial expectation due to guests/your take-down crew, that time will be added to your rental total, the same applies to bartending hours.

Please note: While the Museum anticipates that Museum and rented property may need to be cleaned. General cleaning is considered wiping down, general vacuuming, and minor spot cleaning. Any Museum or rented property damaged or left in worse than general cleaning condition may be subject to a cleaning or replacement charge. To help prevent this, check with the staff member on site before leaving if all is satisfactory.

Step 6: Wrap-up and invoice

Mike and the Museum staff will evaluate the totals for any beverages served, supplies used or damages assessed as well as extra rental time used (it is in your best interest to not underestimate rental time needed) and edit your total bill. Should there be any additional charges, they will be sent to you in an invoice. The invoice must be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Thank you for using the Wisconsin Maritime Museum for your event.