Bar Service

All alcoholic beverages served at the Museum must be only from the Museum's stock, no carry-ins. Also, the Museum does not serve kegs, only bottles and cans. Only Museum Bartenders are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages and no carry-ins.

Bar service has a $100 set up fee.

Options to be served with the bar are:

$1 Bottled water or soda (Torpedo Juice is $2)

$3 Domestic beer

$4 Import and Micro-brew

$4 Glass of wine

Mixed drinks vary due to size and brand, $3-6 for a short/shot, $5-$8 for tall/on the rocks.

Looking to cover all non-alcohol? For $2 per guest, open house soda, juice, and water for your event. (Must pay for all guests)

Special order possibly available with advance notice, but not guaranteed, price to be determined. See our current stock (stock and prices may vary due to current trends)

Tables and Chairs

The Museum has an inventory of certain tables and chairs in stock which comes free with the rental of any room. Most small events should be able to be accommodated with the Museum's inventory of tables and chairs.

However, if another event running concurrently has already claimed use of the Museum's inventory, you have a large event, and/or you have specific requests, the Museum may have to rent extra tables or chairs. Advance notice of what you need must be given to the Museum. The Museum will then bill the renter for the cost of the rented tables or chairs used. Only tables and chairs owned by, or rented through, the Museum can be used for safety assurances.

Presentation aids.

The Museum has a number of options for you to add to the rental to help you out with your event. Let us know ahead of time what you might need from the list below to put on your event.

Computer/video projector (VGA or Composite inputs)

Projector Screen, Portable (anywhere) or wall mounted (Riverview Room only)

55" HD Smart TV cart with Blu-Ray player

1 Lapel and 1 Hand Held Microphone system (Riverview Room only)

Floor standing podium

Easel with white board or post-it

Any Museum electronics are usable ONLY indoors.